Obsessive Drops, 1 Dram

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Our Herbal Paws line, focuses on emotional health for our four legged family members. 

Obsessive Drops combine the releasing and calming affects of flower essences with the physical properties of tinctured herbs. Assisting your pet, who exhibits frequent actions, such as over licking, tail chasing, spinning, pacing, etc. 


Dose: 4 drops into the water bowl every time you refill


Ingredients: Organic Skullcap Tincture, Organic Chamomile Tincture, Crab Apple Flower Essence, Impatiens Flower Essence, Chamomile Flower Essence, Self Heal Flower Essence


This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. This information is for educational purposes only. This information has not be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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