Crystal Infused All Natural Bath Bombs

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Love Bath Bombs? These All Natural Crystal Infused Bath Bombs Are Just For You!


Crystal Infused All Natural Bath Bombs

Three Different Bombs:

All Bath Bombs Contain Assorted Crystal inside!!!

Lavender Lemon: super calming and excellent for sensitive bodies. Good for children or lactating mamas. 

Orange Lotus: Excellently soothing and lovely for the heart. A sweet floral scent that will be hard to forget. Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. For ages 2 and up.

Eucalyptus Lime: A wonderfully decongestant blend formulated to assisted with sore muscles. Also great for showers! For ages 7 and up. Not recommended for pregnancy for lactation.

Caitlin | 29.08.2020

These smell awesome! They also leave your skin feeling super soft! Love the lavender one and the eucalyptus one!

Megan Hoy | 28.08.2020

I absolutely love the Bath bombs. Orange Lotus is my favorite. Best bath bombs that I have used

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