Skullcap Materia Medica

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Skullcap Materia Medica

Brief Breakdown of Skullcap the Herb.

Personal Review: Skullcap was the first herb I was introduced to and our relationship has remained to be 'love at first sight.' While not the first herb I go to as a flavoring agent, Skullcaps' powerful actions more than make up for its' bitter taste. My 'go to' herb for calming to the nervous and digestive system. 

Common Name: Skullcap, Scullcap, Blue Skullcap

Latin Name: Scutellaria lateriflora

Family: Labiatae

Part Used: Aerial


Infusion: 3-9 grams; 1/2 - 1 C taken every hour.

Tincture: 10-30 drops 2x Daily

Capsules: 200 mg twice Daily

Energetics and Actions: Bitter Tonic/ Astringer, Cool, Dry, Relaxant, Vital Stimulant. 

Organs Affected: Liver, Nerves, Digestive Glands

Clinical Actions: Antispasmodic, Astringent, Aromatic, Hypnotic Nervine, Stomachic, Sedative

Constituents: Bitter Principles, Flavonoids, Tannins, Resin, Sugar, Volatile Oil

Primary Use: 

Internally: Anxiety, Brain Tonic (Promoting mediation), Convalescence, Dyspepsia, Epilepsy, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Nervous Fatigue, Seizures. One of the best herbs to break addictions. Ease problems associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Cautions, contraindications, and possible adverse effects: Adverse side effects not known.

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