Boneset, Leaf, 1 oz Bagged

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Boneset, Leaf
1 oz Bagged

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Boneset, Leaf
1 oz Bagged

Latin: Eupatorium perfoliatum

Part used: Aerial part while in bud or flower.

Taste/smell: Nauseatingly bitter.

Tendencies: Cooling, drying.

Historically Uses: used for influenza and colds with night sweats, aching in both muscles and bones, fever and a full, large pulse. Supporting Immune system.

Use: (a) Stimulating diaphoretic, (b) Cholagogue, (c) Choleretic, (d) Antispasmodic, (e) Diuretic, (f) Emetic and laxative in large doses.

Contraindications: Overuse can be harmful to the liver. Symptoms of toxicity are nausea, vomiting, weakness, loss of appetite, thirst and constipation.

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