Breakable Geodes

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Explore These Wonderful Little Gems! Breaking geodes open to find these minerals is a fun activity for adults and children.

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Breakable Geodes!

Check Out These Wonderful Stones and Explore These Wonderful Minerals From Our Mother Earth!

Breaking geodes open to find these minerals is a fun activity for adults and children.


Directions on how to break a geode:

Hints: For an even break, the hammer and chisel method is preferred.

If you’re doing this activity with children, the hammer and sock method is best.


Hammer and Chisel Method 

1) Put goggles on to protect your eyes. Never use this method without eye protection. Cracking the geode causes flying rock fragments, which can damage your eyesight. Put goggles on before attempting to break the geode.

2) Place the geode on a flat wooden board. Make sure the geode is on a surface that won’t get damaged if you miss on a swing with your hammer or chisel. Lay down a flat wooden board and do all the work on this to protect your floor.

3) Tap a line around the geode with a flat-blade chisel. Push the chisel against the geode and lightly tap it with a hammer until a line appears in the geode’s surface. Then continue forward from this line and repeat the process until you’ve tapped a line all around the geode’s circumference.[4]

Begin by tapping very lightly. It will take several passes around the geode to crack it open, so gradually make your taps stronger.

Only use a flat-blade chisel for this method. A sharp tool like a screwdriver or ice pick will just punch a hole in the geode without cracking it in half.

4) Continue tapping along that line until the geode cracks open. Repeat this process around the geode’s circumference several times. Follow the same line so you gradually wear away the geode’s surface along this line. With enough repetition, the geode will crack along this line.[5]

This method takes some time, but it’s the best way to cleanly crack a geode into two halves. Be patient and avoid the temptation to just hit the geode with a hammer after a while. This will just break the geode into pieces and you won't have two clean halves like you wanted.


Sock Method with Kid's

1) Place the Geode in a Sock

2) Place the sock on a flat wooden board.

3) Hit it with a hammer.

4) Open up the sock and explore the beautiful fragments within! 


Jordyn | 30.08.2020

These guys are so fun! I bought a few to crack open with my family, and we were so happy with the beautiful crystallization found on the inside :)


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