Crystals & Numerology By Editha Wuest and Sabine Schieferle

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Decode Your Numbers and Support Your Life Path with Healing Stones

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A full-color guide to harnessing the potential of your life numbers through the supportive and healing energy of crystals -

Explains how to calculate your personal numbers and work with gemstones to enhance the strengths of your numbers and overcome weaknesses - Explores which crystals resonate most with each number's energy, including detailed descriptions of the gemstones' spiritual, mental, and physical qualities alongside beautiful photographs -

Offers affirmations, meditations, and crystal healing techniques to connect with the energies of the gemstones Numerology offers a surprisingly accurate tool to gain insight into your character, talents, and abilities by analyzing the numbers in your birthdate, the numeric values of the letters in your name, and the numbers that serendipitously appear in your life again and again. 


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