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Benefits of the desert rose crystal are for health and healing, for wealth, and for relationship and love.

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Desert Rose Bulk Crystal


The Desert Rose is also referred to as the Sand Rose, Selenite Rose, Gypsum Rose or Gypsum Rosettes. 

Desert Rose Selenite is a beautiful crystal formation that naturally occurs in desert regions all over the world, and is formed from wind, water and sand. These natural crystal formations are created by the evaporation of ancient oceans over thousands of years. 

Each Desert Rose crystal is said to contain a unique Spirit Guardian. Often used as a stone for channeling spirit or angelic realms, when seeking higher guidance, wisdom, love, healing and protection. 

Because of this, they are useful as powerful protective talismans and can increase your own strength, self-confidence and self-worth.

Healing properties:

Desert rose crystal is known to aid in the regeneration of tissues and with muscular flexibility.


Known as a lucky crystal. Assists with bringing prosperity to your business.  

Relationships: assists with promoting understanding as well as balance in a relationship as it changes over time.


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