Mint Green Ripple, Tea Infuser Mug 16 oz

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Mint Green, 16 oz Tea Mug with Infuser

16oz stoneware tea infuser mug with a ripple textured finish on the exterior of the mug.

The interior of the mug is white so you can see the quality of your tea. The mug included our fine mesh Tilt & Drip stainless steel tea infuser. The infuser allows good water flow and allows the tea leaves to expand. The infuser has a v-shaped clip that allows you to rest the infuser on the side of the mug so the water can drain. The lid doubles as an infuser holder and a small dish for tea leaves.

The stainless steel infuser has a silicone ring around the top which allows you to remove the infuser without it being hot to the touch. The bottom of the Ripple Mug is silicone. The base will not sweat. The mug is sold in a color gift box. 

Dishwasher safe. Mug is microwave safe. The stainless steel infuser is not microwave safe


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