Reishi Mushroom, Sliced, 1 oz

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Reishi Mushroom, Sliced
Qty: 1 oz Bagged

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Reishi Mushroom, Sliced

Qty: 1 oz Bagged

Latin: Ganoderma lucidum

Origin: China

Cultivation: Certified Organic.


Reishi has been cited thousands of years ago in several texts and scripts as being a tonic for emperors. At one time this mushroom was specifically used under the prestigious vestiges of the ruling class, but it has since made its way into the pantries of us common folk. Reishi traditionally is used for Allergies, Altitude Sickness, Bronchitis, Cancer, Diabetes, Fatigue, Hemorrhoids, Hypotension, Immune system strengthening, Insomnia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stroke, Ulcers and Varicose Veins.


No known precautions.
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