Sacral Chakra Workshop

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Join us for a fun workshop on the Root Chakra: Feeling Safe & Connected to our Body & to the Earth!
Learn about the root chakra, what aspects it governs, and how to clear and support it.

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When: Mon April 17 @ 1PM
Where: MEGAN & CO.
Facilitator: Joy Johnson

Cost: $25 per person


Sacral Workshop: Feeling our feelings, connecting with others, and flowing with creativity & abundance

This workshop will focus on recognizing when we are allowing our feelings and creativity to flow freely through us versus how and when we feel stuck and stagnant. We will learn tools and techniques to help us get in touch with our feelings and to feel safe and not overwhelmed by them. We will explore ways we are naturally creative, abundant, connect easily with others, and how to flow with our natural energy and emotional rhythms within.

Come learn about the sacral chakra! We will include ways to clear and support it with suggested activities to try at home, information about products at the store that support this chakra, and a guided meditation to help you tune into this chakra within yourself.



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