Budding Herbalist Subscription Box

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Welcome to The Budding Herbalist Subscription Box!
A Monthly Box Packed Full of Herbs and Educational Material to Help Each New Herbalist Bloom.

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Budding Herbalist Subscription Box

A perfect box for anyone interested in herbs, alternative healing, aromatherapy, and crystals. Each perfectly curated box will arrive at your home with 

- A Variety of Organic Herbal Tea Blends to Sample.
- Supplies + Instructional Videos to Develop Herbal Blending Skills and Knowledge. 
- Bach Flower Essences to Utilize and Educate Oneself With.
- Pure Organic Essential Oils to Sample and Learn Best Forms of Use. 
- Crystals and Smudges to Explore and Discover.


All products in the Budding Herbalist Box are handcrafted and formulated with love by a Clinically Certified Herbalist, Clinically Certified Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner.


Purchase one box for $65 (FREE SHIPPING!)
3 months for $180 (at $60 each) (FREE SHIPPING!)
or 6 months for $330 ($55 Each) (FREE SHIPPING!)


Boxes will be shipped out the first week of every month. New boxes for the upcoming month are available for purchase on the 15th of every month.
Example: December's Box is released for purchase Nov. 15, and will ship the first week in December.
Themes for the next six months
Dec 2019 - Cinnamon
January 2020 - Holy Basil
February 2020 - Damiana
March 2020 - Elder Berry
April 2020 -Passionflower
May 2020- Dandelion 
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