Sweet Dreams Spritzer

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A Wonderfully Calming Spritzer To Put Your Mind At Rest.

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Our Sweet Dreams Spritzer is formulated to be calming and quieting for the mind. A wonderful combination of aromatherapy and flower essences. 



Spring Water, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Organic Melissa Essential Oil, White Chestnut Flower Essence


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Jordyn | 30.08.2020

This is the best blend of oils I’ve ever come across! It smells so great, and is part of my nighttime routine. I always spray a few spritzes on my pillow, and I feel like it really helps me unwind and relax for a good nights sleep!

Michael Busillo | 28.04.2020

This is my all-time favorite bedtime ritual. I cannot go to sleep without a spritz on my pillow. The aroma is so calming and I immediately settle in for a cozy night's rest. A staple on my nightstand.


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