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Interested in Smudging? We are here to help you! 

How to Smudge

  1. Choice your smudge bundle (description below).
  2. Get something to burn it on. That can be a plate, ashtray, shell, whatever—just make sure it's burn-proof.
  3. Light a candle. When lighting a smudge stick, it may take 60-90 seconds to lite, so holding the smudge bundle above an open flame above a candle flame works best! Once the smudge bundle has a nice flame, blow it out, as it is the smoke you want. 
  4. If you're clearing a room, simply walk around and wave the smoke into the corners, behind doors, and under beds. It doesn't take much; a few minutes ought to be enough for a basic clearing. Make sure the smoke has an exit; crack a window or a door in each room. 
  5. Smudge sticks seem to die pretty quickly unless you've the bundle has been really well lite at the start. Once the smudging has finished. Let it burn out or pound it out into your smudging bowl. 

When to Smudge

  • When moving into a new home, flat or room.

  • When there is illness or sickness in the home.
  • When you want to cleanse the energy from a particular place or object.

  • When feeling depressed, anxious, or otherwise unusual (with low 'spirtual' energy).

  • When needing to focus energy or thoughts.

  • Before sleep to prevent nightmares.

  • When needing to relax in general.

  • Any other time you see fit.


Differences in Smudge Sticks:

Blue Sage: An aroma to cleanse negativity, hate and exorcism. Bring wealth, health, prosperity, healing and coolness to your life. Blue sage can be used in a ritual ceremony, house cleansing or simply for aroma pleasure.

Dragon's Blood: Dragons Blood Sage or Red Smudge Sage is California White Sage infused with Dragons Blood resin to create this wonderful smudge stick. Two of the most popular items in one stick. Great for cleansing, negativity removal and protection.

Rosemary with White Sage: Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly known as Rosemary, is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves native to the Mediterranean region. It's common to smudge rosemary for increased energy and clarity of mind, as well as for increasing memory.

White Sage: California white sage is one of the most sacred herbs among indigenous North American people. Used in rituals ceremonies or just for cleansing. Use to cleanse your home or space and repel negative energy. Or just simply for the pleasure of its fragrance.

Cedar: A wonderful fragrance to burn. Cedar wands are used in rituals, ceremonies, magic or simply for aroma.Sacred to Native tribes known as the mother and giver of life. These wands can be used for protection, purification, cleansing, wealth, healing and prosperity.

Yerba Santa: Yerba Santa is grown in the dry hill areas of California and Northern Mexico. This wand has a sweet smell which will delight your senses, home, office or any surrounding. A wonderful ceremonial wand to burn for healing, purification and love.



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